Subway tile: On the way out? Or still in?

SubwaytileThe real reason I’m so dismissive of trends is that I’m lousy at spotting them until they’re nearly over.

Those in the know have been using subway tile for a few years, and I wonder: Is it still trendy or over? Should I make this economical choice for my own remodel?

In the top left photo, you see subway tile used in designer Enid Harris’ Westwood kitchen, which was featured on these pages awhile back.

In the top right photo, you see subway tile in a bathroom in the West Adams-area home of young designers Apurva Pande and Chinmaya Misra. I know these two are very hip (see the story of their hip house). But this remodel was done a couple of years ago, so who knows if the tile is still hip?

And finally, at the bottom, you see an actual subway with actual subway tile. Yep, that’s how it got its name. There are lots of websites that talk about the history of subway tile, including Wikipedia and the website of Susan Jablon Mosaics.

But now, let’s determine if it’s even worth considering for a current remodel.

1 Comment on Subway tile: On the way out? Or still in?

  1. Timothy

    I would go with your third choice. Subway tile is a classic design style that happens to be on the upswing in terms of popularity while Spanish and Mediterranean styles may be waning but will also never go away because they are relevant to all tiling choices.