Surround Sound in LED Bulbs? — Pulse by Sengled LED Speaker Review

There is music coming out of this lamp. What?

Unless you were standing in this room, you may not know something incredible: there is music coming out of this lamp. What the . . .?

Thanks to a very innovative product from Pulse by Sengled, the LED lightbulb in this lamp is also a richly toned JBL speaker.

Why in the world? That might be the question that comes to mind, as it came to our minds.

But after playing around with a pair of these super high quality Bluetooth-connected LED speakers, we see the light.

Have you ever wanted to have surround sound, controlled by your smart phone or computer, without power cords or batteries that need to be changed all the time?

This concept is actually brilliant because every light socket is a power source. Bam!

We’re sure you still have questions, so check out Erica Robinson’s video review:

– JBL speakers: high-quality sound
– long-lasting bulbs (18-20 years)
– dual speakers with range capable of true surround sound
– portability
– Pulse app works for both Android and iPhone
– Bluetooth connectivity works on multiple platforms (phone, computer, iPad)
– easy to install/use
– bulb housing remains relatively cool (after 5 hours of continuous play and light, I could turn them off and immediately remove and install them elsewhere)

Here’s the app

Available from Amazon and other retailers

3 Comments on Surround Sound in LED Bulbs? — Pulse by Sengled LED Speaker Review

  1. Kirk

    I purchased the Sengled Pulse LED speaker lights and for some reason they do not work. Can you use them on a in a light socket that is on a dimmer? I really like to concept but am having problems with the installation.

    • admin

      Darn! The website says they do not work with a dimmer.

  2. Mark

    Love this concept!
    I especially like how incredibly *portable* these are… I can move them around to get the very best sound in any room. I suppose that I could even install them in a protected porch ceiling outside. Thanks for the review.