Table makeover

Tablemidway_2UPDATE: See the finished table

I feel like quite the artist as I transform an old workbench destined for the dump pile into a dual-purpose buffet and work table for my patio. See here how it all started and how it progressed. Here’s the latest:

1. The table took on a nice patina when I got it sanded and covered with a few coats of water-based polyurethane. I didn’t go crazy with the sanding or filling in nail holes as I wanted to retain the character it earned as a noble workshop table.

2. I could hardly wait to start applying the color chips, which are 2-by-3-inch samples from a laminate company. My vision was to apply them to the frame of the table just beneath the plywood top.

3. The process of selecting which color chip goes where is what I call the “yes-no.” I love checking in with that little voice inside that says “yes” or “no” for a particular chip. I decided yes to chips with textures and no to chips with solid colors. I applied them with wood glue, clamping the ones that seemed to need it. Some laid flat, but some were a bit bowed. Thus, the clamps.

4. And then my magical inspiration! Upholstery tacks tapped into the holes. At first, I imagined putting decorative screws into the holes. Bill reminded me that in an application like this, screws can be difficult to screw in straight, and then you’ve got all these off-kilter screw heads making you nuts. Somehow I thought of something like this, but didn’t even know what to call them. So I asked the guy at my local hardware store for “decorative brads” and he showed me a very nice selection of upholstery tacks. They were 99 cents for each pack of 25.

Final touch: Corner moldings for the frame, made from new wood aged to match the patina of the bench.

As fun as this is, I’m ready for the table to be done so I can start working on my bathroom remodel, which I dread and look forward to all at the same time.

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  1. Inland Empire

    Looks good! Let me know when its finished so I can come pick it up!