Hanging Your Own Drywall? Please, I’m Begging You, Learn From a Master

Myron So you’re doing some remodeling and it occurs to you that, hey, you can hang the drywall yourself and save some money. How hard could it be?

You just nail some paper-covered chalk board to the studs and voila! You’re an expert.

Whoa! Hold on there. I want you to hear me out. I think I could safely say I’ve been inside more professional and DIY remodel jobs that most other people on the planet. And I’ve seen way more bad DIY drywall jobs than anyone should be subjected to. I’m talking bad cuts. Bad nailing. Bad taping. Bad mudding. Bad all around.

Most people in the remodeling industry know that hanging and taping drywall is an absolute artform. You’ll find remodeling companies with in-house staff to do foundations, framing, window installation and all kinds of other jobs. But they will still “sub out” the drywall to specialists.

Why? These professional drywaller are gifted artisans. And the homeowners or tenants will be looking at that drywall job for a long time to come. So it should be done with finesse.

If you still want to tackle this craft, you should learn it from a real artist, Myron Ferguson, also known as That Drywall Guy.

I wish you could have been in my shoes during various remodeling shows when I’ve seen Myron enthrall a standing-room-only audience of construction guys just by stirring a bucket of “mud.”

Yes, that part is an artform, as well. The good news is that Myron is a good guy and he loves to share what he knows. There are many ways for you to learn from this master: Drywall: Hanging and Taping

1. Watch Myron’s videos online on the JLC (Journal of Light Construction) website.

2. Buy Myron’s training DVDs, which are very comprehensive.

3. Buy Myron’s book Drywall: Professional Techniques for Great Results, which I’ve been told is the bestselling construction book put out by the highly respected Taunton Press. You can also buy it on Amazon.

So why am I telling you all this? It’s purely self-serving. As I said, I’ve seen more that enough bad DIY drywall jobs to last a lifetime. I don’t need to see any more. And neither do you.