The ,000 Luxury Kitchen Remodel

An enterprising homeowner in the Portland, Ore. area set out to do a luxury kitchen remodel for $10,000, according to his blog (which is anonymous, so we have to take this story with a certain amount of skepticism).

He did go a bit over budget at $12,040, he writes, but that’s not bad. He made his own cabinets, but he insisted on some luxury items like granite counters, travertine backsplash, a flat-screen TV (not for everyone), a handsome faucet and a granite sink (pictured, click to enlarge).

The granite sink came from Home Depot for $380, the blog says, and I think it looks fantastic.

Here are assorted costs:

Appliance lift — $100
Appliances — $3,270
Backsplash — $240
Bar stools — $80
Cabinet drawer hardware — $490
Cabinet lumber — $1,070
Cabinet pulls and knobs — $160
Cabinet stain and finish — $100 • Calphalon 52″ pot rack — $100
Cherry beadboard and trim — $100 • Decorative Carving for hood — $50
Design software — $100 • Electrical parts — $100
Flat screen TV — $450 • Garbage disposal — $130
Granite counter top — $1,640 • Island and hutch doors — $400

See the whole cost list

How do you think this guy did with this kitchen? Take a look at it and then share your thoughts on it. Great? Graceful? Goofy?

What would you do differently for the money?

5 Comments on The $12,000 Luxury Kitchen Remodel

  1. Inland Empire

    Looks great. Obviously time, thought, careful budgeting and design went into it. My only negative would be that it looks a little dark. But very nice.

  2. TTF

    We love the granite sink. Its made of about 80% granite dust and 20% resin, and its manufactured in the UK. I believe its made by Blanco, and then renamed Pegasus for sale as a Home Depot special.
    The surface has almost a teflon / non-stick feel to it. It cleans up very easily and looks new after a year of use. So far there are no mechnical flaws, scratches, etc. My DW just told me she definately prefers it over other sink types.
    On the Radon issue, since the sink is made of granite powder, its emissions sould be the same as any granite counter top. The reading I have done states the radon levels of a granite counter are insignificant — on the order of concrete. My take on this is that the solid-surface people are trying to create marketing buzz around it. The info they put out seems very loose to me (I have a physics degree), possibly even irresponsible.
    Thanks again for featuring our kitchen. I wish the best of luck to anyone undertaking a remodel where a lot of the work is with their own hands.

  3. kathy Price-Robinson

    Thanks, TTF, for contacting me and letting me know you are a real person and this is a real kitchen and that the reason you are anonymous is because otherwise you are unindated with people asking you questions about saving money on remodeling. And indeed, that’s why you did the blog!
    Hey, one question: How does that granite sink perform? The solid-surface people keep saying bad things about granite, that it’s porous and there’s bacteria and, the latest tactic, that it emits RADON!!!
    So, what do you think? Is the sink safe? any special care? Thanks in advance.

  4. TTF

    I think it’s great (but it’s my kitchen). We had a lot of fun doing it.
    … Don’t mind my son. He has a misplaced sense of priorities 🙂

  5. Josh

    I think he should have bought his son a motorcycle with all of that money.