The ,400 Ikea Bathroom Remodel

IKEA bathroom hackHere’s one of the latest creations posted on Ikea Hacker blog, where clever people find ways to create cool environments on a budget and mostly with Ikea products.

The coolest thing in this $1,400 bathroom, from my perspective, is the simple wall-mounted sink set into a wooden shelf with a hole cut in it.

This Hollviken sink costs about 80 bucks, and wall-hung sinks start at about $70 at Home Depot. And the Stolmen shelf is nothing special at about $10 to $15. Put them together, though, and you’ve got a hip, upscale design.

The Duravit toilet is pretty cool, also, and homeowner Matt says he got it from Home Depot for $350.

All materials cost $1,400, plus the labor of the homeowner. Not too bad, especially if you can’t get a home equity loan on account of the current mortgage loan meltdown and you need to save up the money for your remodel. At this price, such a goal seems possible.

IKEA bathroom hack beforeAs a commenter on the Ikea Hacker site warned, the Effektiv storage unit is not meant for moist areas, and so the particleboard should be well sealed.

What do you think of this bathroom redo?

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  2. Charles F

    Thanks for the great post! I love the pictures, gives me a few ideas…

  3. GuineaPigZed

    Looks great! You must have saved a few thousand.