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Budget remodels

Isn’t this bedroom yummy? It’s in the Rosarito Beach vacation condo that Don and Gigi Maurizio remodeled.

Gigi, an administrator with the Glendora Unified School District who lives in Claremont, told me she found the headboard (which is really a footboard) for $5 on closeout at a Pier One Imports store. That was the starting point for the room.

To make reading in bed more enjoyable, Gigi’s husband, Don, a professor in the technology department at Cal State L.A., mounted the headboard at an angle. He joked about spending more on the lumber to mount the headboard than the headboard cost.

I love what Gigi did with the “canopy” treatment. It looks so cozy, but it’s really just two rods sticking out of the wall with a piece of fabric hanging from each, and tied back at the wall. (Click on the photos for a larger view of this.) And the starfish hanging overhead came right from the beach just beyond the condo patio.

On the floor are ceramic tiles that look like slate; this tile is found throughout the house. To the right, you see a small table and chairs that might not seem in sync with the rest of the room. Those pieces were not bought new (as were most of the pieces for the remodel) but hold great memories for Gigi: The table is where she wrote her PhD dissertation.

Just above the table, the curtains — with seashells tied onto them — are quite in tune with the sound of the ocean waves just outside the window.

(Photos: Los Angeles Times)

4 Comments on The $5 starting point

  1. Chris

    This is gorgeous! I love the idea of starting with $5! Great idea!

  2. Mega Remodeling

    5$ is a good starting point for decorations. I love the teal look of the room.

  3. Doug Oliver

    Love the seashells, such a simple yet elegant touch.

  4. Remodeling Indy

    I have those colors in my room as well and am trying to find a way to turn them into a light, beachy fun room. That is a great idea with the seashells.