A Deep Energy Retrofit — Coming Soon to a Very HOT Climate

Orlando Cool Energy House

In case you’re not familiar with central Florida, let me break it down for you: it’s HOT, HOT, HOT. And humid. Think sunshine, thunder and flash rain storms in the summer.

So what does this mean? Houses in hot and humid climates need to be built differently from those in, say, cool and dry climates. You can see the map of climate zones here:

The house I’m talking about is in that orange section at the bottom right. I visited the house not too long ago and I can tell you that I was uncomfortable standing near the single-pane French doors in the family room. Even though there was no direct sun on the East-facing glass, as there was an overhang outside, I could still feel the heat from outside radiating through the glass and I had to get up and move.

In a well-functioning house, you should be equally comfortable no matter where you are. In a house that has energy disfunction, however, you’ll be cool on the ground floor, hot on the second floor, feeling stuffy in one room, chilly in another, etc.

In this house, a team will be coming next week to do an energy audit. That is to determine how much energy the house is using before the remodel. I know that the energy bills are $450 a month when the house is vacant. Imagine how much that would cost with a family living in it?

When the remodel and energy retrofit are done, the team will come back and do another audit and note the differences.

Like I said, getting a house to be “energy smart” is not just about saving energy, saving money and saving the planet, though those are good goals. It’s also about being comfortable. It’s about you and your family being healthy. And it’s about a long-lasting home that is not degraded by mold and rot.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here it is: The Cool Energy House

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  1. matt

    energy audits are a great thing to have done. we are wasting alot of useable energy in our homes and can save a lot of money by getting some simple repairs done.