The fine art of chair making . . . NOT!

Chairs_2There must be an art to chair and stool making. I say that because some manufacturers seem to have missed that mark.

All the chairs and stools on this page (and many more than this) have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for being unsafe, with some collapsing and causing bruises, cuts, and even a fingertip amputation. No, I’m not making this up.

And the sheer numbers! The two rocking chairs you see were among 643,000 sold by Wal-Mart that were recalled. As the CPSC website stated: “Poor construction and over-curvature of the chair’s runners can cause instability, imbalance, fracturing of the wood, and tip-over during use.”

It went on to say this about the rockers:

Wal-Mart has received 55 incident reports including 45 injuries. Those injuries include a cut in the leg requiring 16 stitches, a slight concussion, fractured ribs, wrist and cervical/lumbar sprains, upper back injuries, a pinched nerve, a shoulder joint tear, and one incident in which a pregnant woman began having contractions after the display chair in which she was sitting flipped over backwards.

Ikea sold 100,000 of the folding chair bed (along with a larger folding sofa) seen in the center of this montage. It seems, the recall notices states, that “Fingers can become caught in the folding mechanism of the chair bed/sofa bed, posing a laceration and/or amputation hazard.”

See all the recalled chairs and stools (along with heaters, Christmas ornaments, rugs, lamps, coffee makers, a Starbucks coffee mug and so many other items) on the Recalls Related to Household Products page at