The Flip-Flop House of Manhattan Beach, Calif.


The kitchen and family room now face the back yard.

So what do you do when your house is totally backward for your needs? Like, what if the living room and kitchen facing the street are exactly what you don’t want, and having them face the back yard is what you do want?

If you’re an interior desginer and an architect — like Shaya and Grant Kirkpatrick, respectively, owners of this 1940s Manhattan Beach bungalow — you simply switch the rooms around.


The original living room is now the master bedroom, and the original kitchen is the master bath. The entryway is on the side of the house, and leads into the new family room.

In this house, the Kirkpatricks transformed the original living room and kitchen into their bedroom and bathroom, and created a new great room in the back of the house, in the spaces that once contained the master bedroom and an added den. Now, the emotional center of the house looks out on the back yard, where most of us do our outdoor living, and not toward the street, where our ancestors once waved at passersby.


But this type of switcheroo brings about one issue: Where do you put the front door? It certainly can’t stay where it was, and lead into the master suite.

The couple came up with a unique idea, which was to relocate the entrance to the side of the house, so guests enter into the family room. At first, I thought this might be a goofy idea. But when I went out looking at new houses the other day, the particular tract I saw all had their front doors on the side of the house. So it looks like the Kirkpatricks were ahead of their time.

What do you think of this flip flop?