The green kitchen remodel: adding moldings to existing doors

Housekitchencabinetoff_2As you may recall, my current kitchen is a somewhat garish blue and orange with sage green counters. What is it with me and garish colors? Do you think I’m still trying to be noticed, to overcome a childhood feeling of invisibility? Nah!

For my rethought remodel, I’m definitely keeping my current cabinets. They are wood. They are good. That’s what you call an eco-decision.

I’ve pretty much decided to go with white cabinets (off-white, really, with white on the crown moldings) and a light sage green for the walls. Better Homes & Gardens has a great slide show on kitchens with white cabinets, and I’m grazing there to get ideas.

My cabinet doors have no moldings. So, I’m going to add those.

But, as I can’t really decide anything without seeing it in person (are you that way?), I’ve decided to remove one of the doors and play around with it. (As I unscrewed the hinges, I was reminded how my awesome cordless screwdriver/drill feels like I’m holding a Porsche in my hand — smooth, powerful and sexy.)

I’ll be looking for moldings and ideas at the local lumberyard (which I hear has a good "molding shed") and online at Windsor One, Decorative Specialties and other sources. I’ll get a few pieces of moldings and touch them, move them around, get to know them. Adding the moldings will be a big job, so I want to spend this time up front making sure I like what I’ll end up with.

I don’t know at this point if the moldings will be the same off-white as the doors, or a contrasting color, or if I will give them an antique look, a glazing or some other kind of embellishment.

Next steps: Get some molding samples, and sand and prime this door.

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