The Irresistible Appeal of a Tiny House

I guess I’ll end up in a tiny house someday because I am irresistibly drawn to them. The one shown in this video is in Olympia, Washington, which is, I gather, a free-thinking community.

What I love: The simple life. Being a citizen rather than a consumer. Cedar walls. A loft bed. Off the grid.

What I don’t love: No shower. Living in somebody’s back yard. And what about air conditioning?

I could get around the problem of living in someone else’s back yard by living in my own back yard. I could imagine owning a house, renting it out, and setting up a tiny house out back. It would allow for low living expenses but still a sense of place.

The thing I would struggle with is no shower. But having a simple, movable, tiny house kind of depends on the lack of plumbing, especially the issue of waste water. I’m OK with the composting toilet.

But what about air conditioning? With a warming planet, and living in the deep south, living without air conditioning would be unbearable for many months of the year. Is the solution to not live in the deep south? That would be difficult.

One nice thing about watching this very well done 27-minute video is that when I later walked through my own 1,400-sq. ft. house, I thought: Wow! What a spacious mansion! And that was an appropriate thought.