The kitchen remodel is driving her to drink

Nancy hits the bottle. If you’ve undergone your own kitchen remodel, you know about the stress.

There are strangers all around your house, inside, outside, in the driveway, in the street. There’s noise and dust and chaos.
And just when you feel like heading into the kitchen for a pot of tea and comfort foods, AWK! The kitchen is not there, at least in any functional way.
In the Seattle Times, food writer Nancy Leson writes about her own kitchen project. It’s only just begun and she’s already hitting the bottle.
How ironic that those of us who remodel are the ones to whom home means the most. And we are the ones most destroyed when our homes are torn apart.
To follow Nancy on her journey into chaos, click here.

2 Comments on The kitchen remodel is driving her to drink

  1. Buy Cabinets Los Angeles

    wow — that’s a lot of alcohol. It will all be over before you know it. Just sit back and watch your room transform.

  2. Rob Schmidt

    I wish you luck on your remodel. Having the bottle nearby is really not a bad idea. Expect that it will take twice as long as planned and may cost more than expected. At least that turned out to be my reality