The New Chic: Decorating From the Dump

NewChic I knew we were on our way to a Depression Era decorating mentality and now we have arrived.

Thank goodness we have artists living at the poverty level to show us the way.

As seen in this feature in the New York Times, an artist who makes sculpture from driftwood and his resourceful partner have transformed a Maine rental into junk yard chic. This is not the faux shabby chic of Montana Avenue in Santa Monica with $900 artificially distressed side tables; this is the real thing.

In the kitchen shown here, the couple got their spice jars from the dump, found their iron sink somewhere and borrowed the stove from friends.

In other parts of the house you’ll find the used couch she recovered with French linen and the dining table he made from century-old pine.

The only “find” that gives me pause are books for their toddler that they scavenge from the landfill. I guess I’m just not there yet.

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1 Comment on The New Chic: Decorating From the Dump

  1. Janet

    I love the concept, but how does that work with a “borrowed” stove? How long do they get to keep it?
    And in my part of the country, it is illegal to rummage through the dump. I guess they are afraid someone might get hurt and sue them, but I find it frustrating that I can see interesting things there, but am not allowed to take anything.