The oh-my-goodness method of choosing house colors

Houseelmmontage_2I’m not one for choosing house colors by coordinating paint chips at the paint store. For me, a better method is to walk around neighborhoods until a house gives me a visceral, emotional, oh-my-gosh reaction.

I already walk everyday at 5 p.m., listening on headphones to "All Things Considered" on NPR. And so as I’ve been pondering the paint colors for my house, I switched my walk from the path around a golf course to some nearby neighborhoods.

Truth be told, I’m not all that excited about the houses I see. Typical thoughts running through my head as I observe paint colors and landscaping go like this: "Umm, not me." "Oh, why do people do that?" "Hmmm. That’s kinda cute." "Almost, but not quite."

But one day, a few weeks ago, I saw the house in the photo above and the thought was: "OH MY GOODNESS! My house could look like that!" I was smitten by the cabin look, the greyish-green trim color, the overall tidy earthiness of it all.

I’ve been back to the house several times, and each time I notice something else that makes this house shine. There is a nice mix of horizontal lap siding and shingles, all stained, not painted, so the grain shows through. I also noticed the white window frames, which really make the colors pop. And there’s that stone facing below the windows. Maybe my home’s cinderblock would enjoy being dressed up like that?

And then there is all that thick trim around the windows. My house does not have that. And while my husband says he will create and install those trim pieces for me, how can he when he’s traveling for work to Minnesota or Rhode Island? I find myself getting ever more interested in learning how to use a table saw!

In the meantime, I didn’t even try to explain the colors to the guy who’s going to paint my house. I just gave him the address to the oh-my-goodness house and asked him to match the colors.

But with the foggy days we’ve been having in my area, I know these are not the ideal conditions in which to paint a house. I wonder: Is too late in the year for a heat wave?

2 Comments on The oh-my-goodness method of choosing house colors

  1. Dean

    It’s never too late in Los Angeles for a heat wave! Tell the painters to get busy it’s going to be 80 next week. 🙂

  2. lil_gaucha

    give the painter the picture, too!
    Or better yet, knock on the door and see if these lovely folks know what colors and brand of paint they used just to be sure.
    We have a similar house in our neighborhood. The owners moved in a couple months before we did and they dedicated their early budget to exterior — we chose interior. The whole neighborhood is talking about their wonderful paint job. It’s three shades of green and some white trim, but on this particular style of house, it looks amazing. Now they’re doing their landscaping.
    We’re so jealous!
    You’re house is going to look so lovely with new paint and trim! And while the table saw is a bit scary, it’s pretty easy to use (the miter saw is a whole other story, that thing is terrifying!).
    You can do it!
    PS: I advise making a mix CD for working on the house. We’ve found that salsa music is just what the doctor ordered to get us moving on tough projects and keep us inspired.