The Pardon Our Dust Polls: You people surprise me!

PolledgesThe world inside my head is very simple: I know what I know and assume the rest of the world is on the same wavelength.

But maybe not. Whenever I put up a remodeling poll, I have my own ideas about how the voting will go. And I’m often surprised by the results.

For instance:

Poll: Which is most important, a great shower or a great bathtub?

My prediction: There would be a tie, or baths would edge out showers slightly.

My surprise: Shower lovers blasted the tubbers out of the water with 206 votes (78%) compared to 59 votes (22%). As a bath devotee, I was shocked at this (but I am starting, slowly, to accept it).

Poll: Should the power company control your thermostat to prevent a blackout?

My prediction: I was pretty certain this was a rhetorical question, designed to provoke outrage, and that nobody would vote yes.

My surprise: While a healthy 64% of voters voted NO, 11% thought this was a good idea. And another 25% thought it was OK with restrictions. I guess the memory of past blackouts, or the fear of future problems, is stronger than I realized.

Poll: Should replacing a light fixture require a permit?

My prediction: Most of you would say yes, of course there should be a permit for hard-wired fixtures. Otherwise, you could end up buying a house with bad wiring and it would catch fire and burn the house down, and so on.

My surprise: Only one single person out of 76 voted for permits. The rest of you, 98.67% said no permits, no way, for replacing a single light fixture. Okay. Thanks for the education!

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