Did You Hear the One About the Rhino ‘Doing His Business’ on the Mohawk Carpeting?

Ricko the RhinoSomehow I missed this whole spectacle last year when Mohawk lined Ricko the rhino’s pen at the Birmingham Zoo with SmartStrand carpet and let him do his thing for a few weeks. Chip Wade, the hunky carpenter from HGTV’s Designed to Sell and Curb Appeal, hosted the event.

Apparently there was a 24-hour webcam directed toward the action. The idea was to see how the carpet stood up to this animal.

A couple of observations:

I have SmartStrand carpeting in my home’s bedrooms and I love it. It’s made from corn (about 35%) and doesn’t seem to have a lot of toxins in it. At least when it got installed about a year ago, I didn’t have to hold my breath to avoid that new-carpet smell. And of course, a new-carpet smell is really toxins outgassing into your lungs. So, yes, I love the carpeting.

But this rhino test just didn’t smell right. I’m not a fan of seeing a massive wild animal pacing in a small concrete pen. Zoos do their part to let us see what is in the wild that we need to save from environmental extinction. But oh it’s painful for me to see those animals in tight quarters.

And I’m not sure how the carpeting held up. A video showed the carpeting being steam cleaned, but we really don’t get a close-up view of the damage or lack of damage.

In conclusion, the carpeting is awesome. This challenge? Not so much.