The rule of five

Amandapayslr2I got some good advice from furniture designer and TV host Amanda Pays. For those of us who want a consistent “flow” through our homes, Amanda suggests we limit our choices to five main colors, metals and textures and repeat those throughout.

For instance, in her own home (pictured), Amanda chose burnished bronze hardware throughout, gray-green and taupe colors, sisal carpeting, and light-colored wood for window shades and cabinetry.

Those five are accented by other colors like magenta, but the same mood carries through the house from the living room to the family room to the bedrooms and bathrooms. You get a peaceful feeling in a house like this, rather than the constant jarring you could get from radically different colors and themes from room to room.

The “rule of five” may not be for the eclectic-minded among us. But for a serene environment, I think it’s good advice.

What you do you think?