The Saturday Rant: What’s up with these engineered wood floors?

Keanfloor_2This is not so much a Remodeling Rant as it is a Remodeling Regret. As reader Jeannie reports:

"I recently had my carpets replaced throughout the house with wood. However, I regret settling for ‘engineered wood,’ which is supposed to be ‘real wood’ but made of a composite compressed with a thin top layer of the desired wood, covered with a polyurethane finish. I regret it because although it looked beautiful at first, it chips and scratches just by looking at it, and the finish is so shiny that any footprint, paw print or smudge becomes appallingly visible. Unlike solid-wood floors, it cannot be sanded down, although I have heard that there is a way it can be refinished. But how much will that be, and how often?"

What is your advice for Jeannie?

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1 Comment on The Saturday Rant: What’s up with these engineered wood floors?

  1. Willie

    I had to get rid of my engineered wood floors. They only lasted about 5 years with one futile attempt to refinish them, it did not work as expected. For my remodel, I used prefinished solid 3/4″ mahogany which is suppose to last a long time before you have to refinish them again. They will last a lifetime.