The Seven Sins of Remodeling

GordongibsonPacific Palisades building contractor Gordon Gibson offers clients a tip sheet of common remodeling mistakes, as was reported in the Palisadian-Post. The sins are:

1. PRIDE: “I can do everything myself; I don’t need any help!”
2. LUST: “I must work with this architect on my home, under any circumstance. If I don’t, I can’t go on!”
3. GREED: “I want it all, but at a discount!”
4. GLUTTONY: Your eyes are bigger than your pocketbook.
5. ANGER: “You’re fired!”
6. SLOTH: I’m too tired to make a decision now; maybe later.”
7. ENVY: “Why doesn’t it look like the picture?”

Read more about the sins and Gibson’s absolutions

(Photo: Rich Schmitt /Palisadian-Post)

2 Comments on The Seven Sins of Remodeling

  1. Willie

    I would recommend you pay what the market is willing to bear. Being high priced does not mean that your job will be completed on time, would not have mistakes would not be a headache and the stress will always be there. I have been there, done that kind of person. The best advice that I could give anyone is that you do your own contracting and hold on to your wallet like your life depends on it. Nothing wrong to being a discount whore if you know what you are doing. Aren’t all contractors discount whores when it comes to the quality and quantity of the goods and services provided to you?
    You get what you are willing to pay, but that does not equate to quality.
    Here is my discounted whole house remodel. I spend $100,000 including furniture and top of the line Viking appliances.
    My two cents worth!

  2. David Kean

    Don’t be a discount whore. It’s only a deal if what you get is worth more than you pay. Pay to hire a quality professional. What they save you in mistakes, headaches and stress is worth what they charge. I love a deal, but I pay full price when needed. I may buy my wood flooring at a discounter, but I’ll pay to have an expert install it.