Hot or Not Hot? — The small kitchen of my dreams

Hot or Not Hot? — The small kitchen of my dreamsI’m enthralled with this small kitchen, which I saw in an article by kitchen designer Susan Serra, author of The Kitchen Designer.

What’s so appealing here? The antique wood floors are most beautiful. Susan points out that the direction the boards run, along the length of the kitchen, rather than the width, draws your eye toward the windows. She notes that the two lights also draw your eye to the window. And the longer your eye is drawn, the bigger the room seems.

To me, the white cabinets and white tile walls were absolutely the right solution in this space. I also love the gray paint on the upper walls. But I’m not quite sure why that is so perfect. Any color theorists out there?

Also, high-end-looking stainless appliances give any kitchen a classy look. Plus, the white counter rocks. It looks to me like some kind of solid surface, like Corian. Sleek and uncluttered.

Finally, I’m struck by how the owners and/or designer were able to resist putting banks of upper cabinets around the windows and over the stove. In this kitchen, the absence of extra upper cabinets produces a look of expansion rather than claustrophobia. In a small kitchen, that absence takes courage, However, I see that there is a bank of cabinets on the left wall, so it looks to me like the storage needs are taken care of.

Whoever designed this kitchen, bravo!

What do you think?

7 Comments on Hot or Not Hot? — The small kitchen of my dreams

  1. Drew at Handyman TShirts

    This looks nice. It’s designed to look open which is good considering the size.

  2. MS

    This photo is the inspiration for my dream kitchen. Bright, open, airy. I’m so over granite counter tops, glass tile on the backsplash and all the other trends being stuffed into today’s kitchens. Here’s a blog post outlining the before, during and after of this kitchen’s renovation.

  3. Outdoor kitchen

    That’s a perfect little kitchen. I love the floor, absolutely beautiful and the white paint that goes with the equipment. Really, kitchens don’t have to be huge to be perfect. Very warm

  4. Air Conditioning Dallas

    That looks like a perfect small kitchen, very open warm.

  5. Alex Dahlgren

    I love this kitchen. Kitchens don’t have to be huge or overly grand to be terrific. All those painted surfaces really allow the star of the show (those plank floors) to really stand out.

  6. Gordon Smith

    I prefer granite and open kitchens. This look is classy but not so much hot. Check my link for way better kitchens. Good post!

  7. Gary McCormick, husband, step-father and remodeler in Atlanta, GA

    Truly enjoyed this blog post. It was full of good information & professional opinion, but not too long or wordy. Bravo! As a professional kitchen remodeler in Atlanta, Ga I love the look. It has a great balance between old and new, clean lines and everyone loves a kitchen that looks clean and isn’t cluttered. The gray wall paint higher up balances the weight and approx color of the appliances without look top heavy, but avoids the room looking like a blank canvas or too white & stark. We would love your feedback on some of our kitchens at Can’t wait to see more great new kitchens and get some tips from your wonderful team 🙂