The truth about HGTV’s House Hunters? Take the poll

House HuntersFirst off, I’m addicted to House Hunters on HGTV.

Well, I was addicted.

Then I started looking into some allegations on the Internet that the show is really quite phony. For instance, some say the clients have already closed escrow on a house and the other two houses they are trying to choose from are chosen by the show’s producers. And I’ve heard the prices are artificial, as well, to help build suspense.

Now all of these are allegations, and I don’t know the truth about how the show is put together.

But a lot of elements of the show are very suspicious to me:

1. How is it that the clients always get the house they chose? In real life, we all put in offers that aren’t accepted, or we find things during the inspection that are deal breakers. No so in this show.

2. Why do the clients all use the same terms “top of our price range” or “bottom of our price range”? In real life, I would say something like: “Wow, that’s way too much” or “That’s too expensive” or “That’s a rip-off.” But on this show, everyone says the same thing.

3. Likewise, why do so many people on the show talk about “open concept.” Is this really such a common term? I think they might be fed lines from the producers.

4. Why so little talk about the location of the homes, when we all know that real estate is all about location, location, location? Nobody buys a house only because of the granite counters or walk-in closet. We’re more concerned with local schools, what’s across the street, the ability to walk to stores, nearness to public transportation, etc. In other programs, like “My First Place” and “Property Virgins,” those elements are considered more.

5. And of course, the most obvious sign that this show is phony is that the people are choosing from only three houses. We all know you look at dozens of houses before you choose one.

Now all of you probably already put all of this together and I admit to being a late bloomer. Now that I’ve thought through all this, it changes my enjoyment of the program. I’m now noticing even more the stilted language of the clients and I imagine how they had to do take after take to get that just right. (Again, this is all speculation and I have no inside knowledge.)

On the upside, I feel my addiction to “House Hunters” coming to a close, and that will free up a lot of my time!