The Wednesday Rant: Are workers the new royalty?

FrustratedwomanThis week’s Wednesday Rant comes to us from Los Angeles serial remodeler and real estate agent David Kean. His Rant:
"The WORST THING about remodeling is by far getting anyone to show up as scheduled or at all. No one seems to want to do the medium to small jobs anymore. When someone actually calls you back, gives you a quote, and if you’re lucky, starts the work, you feel so relieved you put up with almost anything; and they know it. "IT’S LIKE BEING PAID TO BE HELD HOSTAGE. When you do find someone that does good work, and that you trust, treat them like gold. Feed them, have cold drinks and snacks, order lunch, and most importantly pay promptly. If they enjoy working with you, they will always come back."
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