Tired of the cans in your ceiling?

Instantpendantlightmontage_4In the beginning, there was the bare bulb. And then there came to pass the light fixture. Soon upon the land, dropped ceilings and fluorescent lights spread. As humans progressed, recessed lighting became the rage. And then pendant lights became the queen of cool.

So the trouble is, how do you go from a recessed light over your island or sink to a pendent without calling an electrician? I’ve got nothing against electricians making a buck, but there’s all the finding of them, and the scheduling, and then the paying. And there are troubling signs in the economy, as President Bush said recently. So DIY is more than ever de rigueur.

That’s why the gods invented creativity and capitalism, so that companies would cook up the very thing you need at the very moment you need it. And so, voilá, an Instant Pendant Light from Worth Home Products. Without using any tools, the company says, you can replace the bulbs in a recessed or can light with a pendant light. They were featured recently on the Apartment Therapy Los Angeles blog.

You can see your choice of lights here and watch a slide show of a can light being switched out. Personally, I’m enamored with the blue pyramid-shaped lamp pictured here. You can buy instant pendant lights online from Lowe’s for less than $60.

Anyone used these? Are they as simple to install as they seem?