Top 10 home builder goes greener

BeazeresmartBeazer Homes, one of the country’s 10 biggest home builders, announced that all new homes it builds will include features that contribute to water and energy savings, as well as occupant health and comfort.

The package of features is called eSmart by Beazer Homes and has been included in the company’s San Antonio, Texas, homes for several years. It will now be included in all new Beazer homes with no bump in the price to home buyers.

The eSmart features include:

• Honeywell FocusPRO programmable thermostats
• GE EnergySmart compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
• GE Energy Star dishwashers
Moen water-saving bathroom faucets and showerheads
• Air filters with a higher minimum efficiency rating value (MERV)
• Carpets, paints and finishes that emit lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• Low-maintenance DuraPerm materials, re-engineered woods, fiber cement siding and synthetic trim
• Air barriers to prevent energy loss behind fireplaces, bathtubs and vaulted ceilings

The green features will save homeowners money, Beazer says. The CFLs alone are expected to save more than $300 a year on energy and replacement costs over incandescent light bulbs in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, according to GE.

Beazer is based in Atlanta and has operations in many states, including California.

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