Trend Alert! Wallpaper’s coming back

This Woods wallpaper is from Cole & Son.I’ve read it, heard it and seen it too many times lately to ignore this new reality: Wallpaper is making a comeback.

Here you see Cole & Son’s Woods wallpaper used in a bathroom at a decorator showcase house in San Francisco.

Locally, the Wallpaper Bin in Northridge and other shops have been waiting for this moment. You can find amazing books of wallpaper swatches at any paint store.

While the rest of us have gotten involved with trends like sponging and glazing and faux finishes, the wallpaper people have patiently tooled along, designing and manufacturing a plethora of wallpapers. And now, we may turn our eyes in that delightful direction and wonder: Where has wallpaper been all our lives?

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However, not everyone appreciates the beauty of this re-emerging decor trend. Paris Hilton was reportedly banned for life from the Hyatt Hotel in Moscow for signing her name in black marker on some very expensive wallpaper. On the other hand, maybe she was just in the discovery stage of designing her very own line of wallpaper.

(Photo: San Francisco Chronicle)

3 Comments on Trend Alert! Wallpaper’s coming back

  1. Phyllis Harb

    Hard to believe, but it seems to be true.

  2. lil_gaucha

    ugh. Might look nice, but it’s so much more work than slapping on a coat of paint.
    And then taking it down in a few years! ahg! No!
    Maybe when my home repair to do list is a heck of a lot shorter, I might consider wall paper.
    no. probably not. Still too lazy.

  3. David Kean

    I love the look of wallpaper, good wallpaper that is… It can be pretty expensive. Not only do have to buy the paper, you have to hire someone to hang it.