Trex now more wood-like

CloseupofgrainThere’s a lot to like about Trex or other composite decking materials. They don’t splinter, split, rot or need painting or staining. And they’re made from cast-off stuff like milk jugs and wood pallets.

In fact, Trex claims it uses 50 percent of the grocery bags we recycle in the U.S., and that every year it diverts from landfills 300 million pounds each of used plastic and hardwood sawdust. Wow. Thanks, Trex.

Trouble is, some composite deck boards don’t look so much like wood. Too smooth. Too uniform. While we don’t want wood that splinters, we want decks to look like they could splinter.

To satisfy folks who are both hard-core wood lovers and hard-core maintenance loathers, Trex developed Contours, a product that has, the company says, “a bold, dramatic grain.” And it does look and feel more woody.

And it’s a bit less expensive (averaging $4.30 a square foot, the company says) than the less-bold, less-dramatic original Trex (around $4.38 a square foot). That’s because the company has hollowed out the bottom of the boards to save on material. That means you can’t use either side, like with the original Trex boards. But who cares?

Do you have a deck made with composite material? Do you recommend it?

1 Comment on Trex now more wood-like

  1. gpstover

    i have a large deck made of of a product called “strandex” that has started self destructing after only 7 years. not bad for a product that had a 20 year guarantee. be careful with the hype of “forever”. a lot of plastic stuff starts deteriating in full sun. plain old redwood lasts longer but requires more work.