Trying to sell your home? Add shoe storage

Shoerack_3If I weren’t one myself, I’d say U.S. women are weirdos.

And that’s not because we own an average of 19 pairs of shoes each, as was reported by Reuters, based on a study by Consumer Reports. Nothing unexpected about that, considering our country’s recent credit-card orgies.

What’s bizarre is that we try to hide the fact that we own so many shoes, and we sometimes hide purchases from our partners. I often note that men lie about their height and women lie about their weight. I’ll add shoe collections to what women lie about.

So what’s the result of all that denial? We don’t have enough storage space for our shoes! I mean, you can’t very well have adequate storage for shoes you deny having.

But what if we all came out of the closet on this one? What would happen to home prices? On a recent House Hunters TV show, a woman who admitted to having dozens of pairs of shoes was smitten by one house with a wall-size shoe-storage rack. You knew that no matter the price of any other house she was considering, or the location or size of it, she was going to choose the house with the shoe shelves. And she did.

While Hanley-Wood’s annual Cost vs. Value calculations determine how much you’ll recoup on a minor kitchen remodel, for instance, or a new deck, the system totally ignores shoe storage.

So my thinking is: If you want to sell your house fast or add value to it for a future sale — or just admit to the reality of women and their shoes — add a shoe rack for goodness sake.

P.S.: If you’re aware of any SoCal nonprofits collecting gently used size 10 shoes for those who need them more than I do, let me know.

(Photo: Shoeaholics Anonymous)

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  1. Evil Landlord will certainly take your work appropriate items!