TV Review: ‘Myles of Style’

KimmylesThis was supposed to be a review of the new HGTV show "Myles of Style," hosted by Kim Myles, who won the Design Star 2 competition and was rewarded with her own show.

I say this was "supposed" to be a review because I missed the premiere Sunday night. It seems my satellite TV service is on Eastern Standard Time while I, of course, am on Pacific Standard Time. So I missed it.

I’m bummed about it because the show promised low-cost design ideas. And I’m into that.

Even though I haven’t seen the show I already like it, mainly because the host does not look like a super model. Yippee!

Anyone catch the premiere?

UPDATE: Here’s a review of the show and an interview with Kim Myles by Rick Ellis on All Your TV.

6 Comments on TV Review: ‘Myles of Style’

  1. ELLEN

    I hate this show and cannot stand Kim Myles.

  2. Jennifer

    Kim is a chipper, against the type host. While that is refreshing, her design is unfortuntately not. I’ve seen a few episodes now (waiting to see if her ppoor choices were just a fluke) and I can say that this show needs to go. If I see another tacky color scheme with cheap looking painting stripes I may just have to read several design magazines to get that bad taste out of my mouth!

  3. RLS

    I saw the show. Maybe she “choked” the first time out. The final product was really bizarre. I wish her better luck next time.

  4. Rachell

    I love kim and her personality. However, I think that I was looking for something a little more niche’ on the show last night. I feel that the end product of the space was amateurish …ex. the original chandlier was said to be out of scale for the space…well the “medallion” and light shade was about the same scale, it was only put into a different location . The chosen color palette was not esthetically pleasing. I know that designing a room can be done on a limited budget so, let’s make it “frugal, but FABULOUS”. Let’s see what the next episode brings.

  5. Keri Holland

    I was really excited to see this show! I love Kim and I think the show’s format is really good, but I have to say I really hated the finished room. Maybe I’m just not modern enough – but how did any of those colors go together? Off white, silver, red, mint green, teal blue. Blech! I hope the next episode is a little better or perhaps I’m just too conservative.

  6. Rick Ellis

    I enjoyed it a lot.
    Here’s a review of the show:
    And here’s an interview I did with her a couple of months ago: