Using Facebook or Twitter could raise your homeowners insurance premiums

Services such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz can alert criminals when users are not home, according to, the price comparison service. Foursquare, for example, shows that people are in a specific spot and, more importantly, that the user is definitely not at home, added.

It predicted that the new wave in social media could eventually lead to big rises in home insurance premiums.

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The company offered the following advice to users of social networking websites:

1. Never post your home address or other personal information such as your home phone number on social networking sites

2. Don’t follow people you don’t know on social networks and block others from seeing your profile if you don’t know them

3. Turn off location-based services on Twitter and Facebook unless you absolutely need to use them

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2 Comments on Using Facebook or Twitter could raise your homeowners insurance premiums

  1. San Jose Life Insurance

    Not only that but being in the industry I hear stories like people adding a bunch of people they don’t know on Facebook for “popularity” reasons and then posting that they are leaving on vacation on their status updates just to come back to an empty of all valuables apartment. Not smart 🙂

  2. rays-ins insurance

    This is really a good advice to help people who are connected to social networking sites. Some people are ignoring and not aware about this idea. They provide specific details to their profile and adding friends that they don’t even know.They don’t know that it may harm them in the future. So beware everyone!