One way to begin — Make a vision board

Vision Board

Vision Board

“How do I get started?” That is the biggest question I get. How to start a remodel? Does one hire an architect? Or a contractor? Or just start tearing out the old kitchen?

From what I’ve seen over these many decades of observation, you should get clear on what you want before you bring in outside opinions.

How do you want to feel inside your new space? Energized? Calmed? Cozy? Abundant? Peaceful?

What kinds of activities will you be doing in the remodeled space? A place to eat breakfast? To meditate? To entertain the family? Space to cook together as a family? Or a kitchen tricked out for just one cook?

I suggest a vision board. That is a piece of poster or foam board where you have glued down images that reflect what you want. You hang the finished board where you can see it often, and you will be amazed at how what you imagined comes into reality.

Vision Board Supplies — I always include Mardi Gras beads, but that's just me

Vision Board Supplies — I always include Mardi Gras beads, but that’s just me

The vision board process happens in 5 steps:

1. Gather together your supplies: magazines, scissors, glue stick, poster board.
2. Write a paragraph or list of what you want your new space to do/look like/feel like. (15 min.)
3. Flip through your magazines and cut out words and images that appeal to you. (1 hour)
4. Glue them down on your poster board. (1 hour)
5. Display your vision board and, if possible, share it with others

Once you are clear down to your bones what you want, then you can call in the experts to see how to achieve your dream, to make your vision come to life. You can even show them the vision board.

Or, if you cannot come up with a vision and no thoughts come to mind, then by all means call in a designer or contractor. They have strong opinions and much experience and may be able to get you started.

In any case, just begin.