Volunteers Remodel Bathroom for Paralyzed Teen — Knoxville News Sentinel

Bathroom Remodel
By this morning, Demario Cornelius will have enjoyed his first real shower in two years.

A 2008 shooting left Cornelius, 19, paralyzed and in a wheelchair – which has always been too big to fit through the door frame of the single bathroom in the house Cornelius shares with his mother, grandmother and four siblings.

And even if he could have gotten into the bathroom, it was outfitted with a bathtub he certainly couldn’t have used.

So Cornelius has been limited to sponge baths and often was forced to eliminate in his bedroom, which is next to the bathroom. Many times, he relied on his grandmother, Jennie, and mother, Mary, for assistance.

That changed early this week, when a group of volunteers finished renovating the family’s bathroom, putting in a door he can get through in his chair and installing a shower he can roll into.

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