Want an Extreme Makeover? You’ll need to answer a few questions

Want a new house? We have a few questions.To the list of extremely difficult jobs in this country, I’d like to add the task of deciding who gets a new home on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” starring Ty Pennington (pictured here). According to the network, thousands of applications are received each week.

Also among the tougher tasks one might take on in life: filling out the extremely long "Extreme Makeover" application form. Not only do you need to submit photos of the family and a compelling video of your home-related needs and desires, you also have to answer a long list of extremely personal questions. Among them:

— Does anyone in the household have a MySpace or Facebook page, blog or website of any kind? If yes, please list all the addresses.

— Do you receive state aid for foster care, disability, adoption subsidy or any other benefits of this kind? If yes, how much and for whom?

— In the event you are selected, will you be able to provide W-2s and/or your tax returns for the last three years?

— Are you current with your mortgage payments? If not, why?

— IMPORTANT: Have ANY members of your household ever been convicted of or been charged with a crime? (It could be as simple as a driving violation or as serious as armed robbery.) Be honest. We will find out sooner or later through our comprehensive background checks. If yes, please describe (include dates).

— Have you been or are you involved in a lawsuit? If so, list date of judgment or settlement and the amount.

— Do you have any debt other than your home mortgage? If yes, please describe.

— Are you friendly with your neighbors?

And there are many, many more. That neighbors item would be important. Imagine living near the ruckus involved in such a makeover operation, with no direct benefits coming to you as a neighbor.

If you’re into some full disclosure and want to apply, here’s the full application form in PDF.

(Photo: Ty Pennington Style)

2 Comments on Want an Extreme Makeover? You’ll need to answer a few questions

  1. sheila

    but, as you say, thousands of people each week gladly give up all their privacy for the chance to be on TV. no wonder the government can get away with tapping our phones, reading our emails, reviewing our bank accounts and library records, and centralizing all our medical data, no matter how unconstitutional. no wonder ChoicePoint has more information about us than our parents do — and is allowed to sell it for profit, even to law enforcement and identity thieves! man, what is wrong with people?

  2. lil_gaucha

    Man, I remember when these guys rolled into Bakersfield a few years back when I was living there. Totally shady. Hid grandma’s house behind a giant stack of hay. Pretended the home was in one town when it was actually in another. really put major pressure on the locals to poney up serious dough for the project plus scholarships for the kids — some of which had already been raised and put in a special trust fund — not good enough. They needed ANOTHER trust fund.
    So then they build the house, and immediately get sued by the family of the guy who killed the dad in the house (car vs. tractor accident) because they family of the guilty party thought they had money and wanted to make their lives miserable.
    Yeah, made their lives WAY easier.