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Readertoreaderforum_3Check out the new Pardon Our Dust Reader-to-Reader Forum.

On the forum, you can ask remodeling questions of SoCal homeowners and others.

And you can offer your own wisdom. Like:

Where to get lumber in Long Beach?

A contractor in Covina?

A roofer in Riverside?

Granite in Glendale?

A painter in Palmdale?

Actually, there is a question on the forum right this minute from someone in your community:

Hi, I’m currently interested in buying a Craftsman style house in Atwater Village that will need a complete remodel. I would like to get in touch with a contractor who specializes in the Craftsman style in order to get an estimate so I can judge whether I can afford the remodel and how much to offer for the house. Does anyone know of a contractor who specializes in this field? Thanks, EG

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