Want to be fashion forward? Go back to the 1950s

Anna WintourIt’s been said that home fashions follow the fashion world. It’s also been said that this year’s fashion statements are right from the ’50s

And look at this photo of Vogue editor Anna Wintour and actress Blake Lively at Fashion Week in New York City. See a little ’50s vibe in the mix?

If you want to be fashion forward in your own home decorating, consider some of these iconic ’50s looks:

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Yes, the 1950s were wacky and colorful. Who knew? Think “I Love Lucy” and “The Jackie Gleason Show.” It was a brief respite between World War II and the Vietnam War. We had the Korean War, of course, but that seemed manageable compared to what was to come. So why are the ’50s back in fashion? Perhaps we yearn for those innocent days. A little touch of this in your home may well bring about some subtle inner peace. (Photo: Apartment Therapy)

(Wintour photo: USA Today)