Wanted: Not-so-expensive remodels for Pardon Our Dust series in the L.A. Times

GreenwoodkitcornerIn my efforts to write remodeling stories that will educate and inspire readers, I’m looking for remodels that are . . .

. . . less than 2 years old

. . . in Southern California

. . . interesting in some way

(i.e. the green kitchen was a lifelong dream, or you bought your childhood home and fixed it up, or the remodel was done with salvaged materials from an old winery, or was done against all odds, or?)

. . . visually attractive (perhaps colorful)

. . . not too expensive (i.e. the kitchen was under $30,000 or the bathroom was under $10,000, or you did it yourself)

If you have done a remodel that matches most of the above criteria, I want to see it!

Here’s how you submit a project for Pardon Our Dust:

Via e-mail: Send a brief description of the remodel and attach digital before and after photos in JPEG format to: kathyprice@aol.com

Via regular mail: Send a brief description of the remodel along with before and after prints (reprints only, they will not be returned) to: Real Estate Editor, Los Angeles Times, 202 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.