Weekly Poll: Shower or Bath Most Important?

When a reader suggested recently that nobody takes baths anymore, I had a serious reaction to that. My morning bath is almost like a religion. I get to read and soak and brush my teeth and moisturize and all kinds of neat activities that help me “peace out.” I can’t stand showers. How can you read in a shower? I don’t begrudge anyone their shower. But don’t deny me a bath!

Of course, if you had a lot of cash in your jeans, you could have an amazing bathtub and an amazing shower, like the Hollywood Hills bath pictured here. The wife wanted a soaking tub; the husband wanted a steam shower. And everybody got what they wanted . . . for about $65,000.

Most of us have to prioritize. What do you think? If you were doing a bathroom remodel, which would get the most funds?

(Photo: Courtesy of Arch-Interiors, bathroom designed by Christopher Grubb)
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4 Comments on Weekly Poll: Shower or Bath Most Important?

  1. Robbie Fields

    My solution when dealing with master bath and a shared family bathroom, both with
    standard bath and narrow stall shower, was to gut both!
    From the master bath, we obtained a walk in closet and a “wet room” with double headed shower. The family bath was made en suite to the 2 surrounding bedrooms and obtained a sunken corner jacuzzi tub with shower attachment. We also converted an extra room into a guest cloakroom and seperate executive washroom.
    I will say that a bathroom remodel takes a lot of intestinal fortitude.

  2. sheila

    well, at the risk of not being on the cutting edge of remodeling design, i have to wonder why this is an “or” proposition. seems to me like your green-building friends would suggest that a combined bath/shower is the most efficient use of space and materials, can be done beautifully, and has the capacity to please everyone.
    these massive, stand-alone, custom remodeling features have become compulsory for unimaginative social-climbing suburbanites, like SUVs, McMansions and granite countertops. all environmentally destructive, all unnecessary. the gluttony, waste and pretension of it all makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Ha, ha, BetterVillage, very clever points. Here’s another theory: It could be that there are more bathers out there, but they are too relaxed and easy-going to care what this poll reveals. Oh well, they languorously think, whatever happens happens. Shower takers, on the other hand, are quick and aggressive (think about it, they won’t even sit down to bathe) and they will make sure their viewpoint is heard loudly and clearly. They may even be voting more than once. I mean, that’s just who they are.

  4. BetterVillage

    Interesting. How do the demographics of latimes.com and its blog readers break down? Even if predominantly feminine, the numbers seem to show that Showers are on the rise and the bathwater is slowly draining. I also wonder who uses more water on average… showerers or bathers. And are those bathers sneaking in a quick shower to get the soapy film off after the soak? So many questions… so little water.