Weekly Rant: What’s the worst thing about remodeling?

Frustratedwoman_2I don’t know which is worse — a root canal or a remodel. At least a root canal’s fairly brief and when it’s done you can go back to your peaceful home and restore your equilibrium.

Not so with a remodel. There’s no place to hide from the dust, noise and chaos, which goes on day after day after day. That’s what gets to me. The sustained invasion of my peace.

Whenever my house gets too hectic, for whatever reason, I drive my van down to the beach, just to be alone.

What’s the worst thing for you about remodeling? Found any remedies?

What’s your remodeling rant? Send an email to podblog@aol.com so I can post it next week and we can all rant together.


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1 Comment on Weekly Rant: What’s the worst thing about remodeling?

  1. sanpedropete

    The worst thing? All of it. Making decisions, finding people to do it, dealing with them, paying gobs and sacks and pails of money. There’s only two good things about my kitchen remodel: it’s done, and the kitchen is everything my wife dreamed about. I’ve almost forgotten the pain.