West Coast Green: Not your typical building conference

WestcoastgreenI attend a lot of building conferences, among them the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (next June in San Francisco), the Remodeling Show (Oct. 9-12 in Las Vegas) and the granddaddy of them all, the International Builders’ Show (next February in Orlando).

None of them is like West Coast Green, which took place last week in San Francisco.

The biggest residential green building show in the country, West Coast Green brings together architects, contractors, engineers, energy raters, manufacturers, city planners, homeowners and others who are concerned with creating homes that are better for us and better for the planet (which is the same thing).

Naproom One feature of this show was the Nap Room, which I guarantee you will not find at the other shows. The Nap Room was equipped with a bunch of big bean-bag-shaped pillows that were really, really soft. The room was darkened, there was soft music playing, candles burning and a couple of massage therapists on duty.

Lying down between sessions, I sank down into a brief but deep nap, woke up refreshed and continued with the show.

The Nap Room represents to me what green building is all about: an attempt to take into account the nature of human beings and to design and build in harmony with that. Green homes are more healthful for the human being, and more comfortable. They are better for the planet and thus lessen the burden on our children and grandchildren.

If naps are good for growing kids, why not for those of us growing into a new way of living on this planet?