What are you people searching for?

What recession? We who love our homes still seek to make them better.

I was curious about what types of projects interest people these days, so I studied the Google searches that brought folks to Kathy's Remodeling Blog. From what I see, you are a curious group, in a good way.

Here are some of the Google search terms that brought people here, and the postings that gave them some answers:

Mike Holmes in New Orleans (find Holmes here and here)
clever ways to fit shower doors (see a clever door here)
glass tile backsplash (here's an example)
contractor issues (I'm all over this one)
Architectural Digest pro athlete (take the quiz here)
downstairs bathroom remodel (here's a bunch)
diy artwork (here)
contractor didn't finish job and ran out of money (yeah, it happens, read about it here and here and here)

. . . and so on . . . keep searching!