What I learned

Housepainted_2Thanks for all the advice on my exterior paint. I feel much better about the weird green trim. And by that I mean: I know I can change it and it's not the end of the world. I appreciate your kindness!

Here's what I did right:

Contractor: I hired a painting contractor who was referred by a trusted person (my son-in-law) and who is someone I like personally. This is most important for me: a trusted guy with a reputation and history in the community.

Cost: We got a budget-priced job ($2,000), partly by letting the contractor know that we are not picky people and aren't looking for the paint job of the century. Bill wants to replace the siding some day, so this paint won't be on here forever.

Research: I found a house whose colors I love. I put a lot of time into finding the right color. That paid off, as I love the house color! It's not for everyone, but it's for me. My family loves it too.

Landscaping: Or rather, lack of it. I deliberately did not tune up the landscaping close to the house before the painting crews arrived. And it's a good thing! When guys are working fast to get your budget job done, they're not being super careful with your shrubbery. The higher-priced guys do that.

Timing: My goal was to get the house painted before Thanksgiving. And that happened!

Here's what I did wrong:

Color testing: I already knew green was a difficult color, but I forgot! I was so wrapped up in the red house color that I spaced out on the green. If I had it to do over again, I would get some small cans of the various greens I was considering, paint some large cardboard pieces with the colors and observe them for a few days. (Again, I knew this.)

The way it happened, the contractor showed up on the day the job started with a can of green paint for me to approve. He didn't pressure me at all, one way or the other. But approving a color out on the driveway when I'd been running around all morning to get the house ready was not the right method for me. I make my best decisions in quiet, in contemplation, with time.

The good news is that I ABSOLUTELY love my red walls. And I have time to do exactly what I should have done in the first place to choose my trim color. I may wait until Bill replaces the windows (part of our grand plan), and adds the thicker moldings we want. And then, I'll haul out the ladders and redo the trim myself.

Until then, I joked to Bill, let's just start referring to it as "The Christmas House."

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  1. BAM

    Congratulations! It’s done, for now, and you like it. That’s what matters most.