What if the view from your windows isn’t so great?

Sofiohackwithmontage_2Windows are great. Don’t get me wrong. There’s brightness and air flow and the feeling of balance you get when natural light comes from many directions. But when the view from a window is not so great — perhaps looking out on neighbors you’d rather not be looking at — what do you do? Make the glass opaque? Cover the opening with sheer curtains or shade? Forgo the windows on that wall altogether?

Los Angeles architect/contractor John Sofio had another solution for this Pacific Palisades kitchen. As you can see, he placed upper cabinets at eye level, and then placed windows above and below that. So these windows give you all the nice attributes of standard windows, without the detriment of the view.

In the bottom photo, you can see that where the views are good from an adjacent wall, with privacy and greenery, he took full advantage of that with a mass of windows.

To me, the upper and lower windows wrapping around eye-level cabinets are a much better solution than placing no windows on that wall altogether, or exposing the homeowners to views they really don’t want.

Your take?