What is it with men and wood?

46052777 Today I came across a headline in the Los Angeles Times about Patrice Pinaquy, who makes wooden furniture so intricate that it seems to come from the 17th Century. 

Oh goody, I thought, a story about a woman who makes furniture. And isn't the piece you see here gorgeous and feminine?

When I got to the main story, of course, I discovered that Patrice is a man (see him here). 

So that got me thinking: 

What is it with men and wood? 

My colleague Kitty Bartholomew calls it "the wood gene." And why don't women have that same obsession?

I could understand how bigger and stronger men would tend to be lumberjacks and framing carpenters. But fine-furniture making? That doesn't take much brute strength, just artistry.

Why are not more women into woodworking? Got any opinions about this?

(Photo: L.A. Times)