What to Replace First? The Things You Touch


When you first move into a home that was owned previously, you wonder: What should we do first? I’d like suggest replacing those things that you touch: Knobs, handles, drawer pulls. It’s possible you love this hardware and don’t want to replace it. But if these things are not stellar or antiques that you treasure, and you’d like to upgrade the home’s “jewelry,” consider changing these out for something you love.

I believe that things in homes get imbued with the energy of those who live there. In my way of thinking, to make the home feel really like it’s yours and has your energy, it would be smart to replace these things you torch regularly and thus start with fresh energy.

However, if you plan on getting new cabinets and doors soon, this might not make sense. But replacing knobs and pulls could be a quick and fairly easy and not-too-expensive upgrade to make you fell like this home is really yours.