What would you do with the 600 bucks?

BoosAs you may have heard, the federal government has a plan to stimulate the economy, and that could mean:

Six hundred bucks coming at ya!

Well, 117 million of us would get that. Or more. Or less. And probably starting in May. Details to be worked out.

But the big question is: What would you spend it on?

There are several reasons you probably wouldn’t save your windfall. 1) Nobody saves anymore, and 2) Wouldn’t that be unpatriotic? The point is to stimulate the economy.

And that means stimulating the U.S. economy, not China’s, so some economists have suggested spending it on U.S.-made goods (if you can find any).

Here are some $600 suggestions:

• Hire a local handyman to clean and repair your rain gutters, and then to come back in spring to paint your trim ($20 per hour x 30 hours = $600).

• Buy 200 square feet of Anderson 3-inch Lincoln Harvest pre-finished engineered oak wood plank flooring from Balboa Flooring in San Diego (on sale for $2.99 per square foot)

• Get a local upholstery shop to make slipcovers for your favorite sofa.

• Buy a 2-foot-square U.S.-made John Boos & Co. butcher block table (pictured).

• Buy something from Sears (keyword: Made in USA). Or, go to stillmadeinusa.com.

• Put $600 into the search box at Craigslist and see what the world has to offer.

So what would you do with the money?

7 Comments on What would you do with the 600 bucks?

  1. Inland Empire

    Native American art or jewelry. Definately made in the US and made to last.

  2. tarbubble

    hmmm, or maybe i’ll get a new car horn that plays “la cucaracha.”

  3. chris theisgen

    i don’t believe i’ll qualify for any of the rebates because i’m told i make too much. hmm, funny that the only thing i ever seem to qualify for is to PAY more and more tax to benefit others.
    still, if i were to somehow miraculously receive something of a rebate then i’ll just put it toward my child support that is a constant battle to keep up with. i know the “EX” has no problem spending money and so i’m sure the rebate would fulfill its intended purpose of going back into the economy.

  4. D. C. Potter

    Pay down my credit card debt, also made in the U.S.A.

  5. tarbubble

    buy about 200 gallons of pre-filtered waste vegetable oil to run my converted diesel car on, plus the big honkin’ barrel to store it in my garage. then we’ll take our other $600 (assuming the money is per taxpayer, not just per household) and stick that in the bank.

  6. xtine

    Sears? I went there the other day and could find NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING made in the USA.

  7. LPB

    A new pistol. Something made in USA and from a small dealer, not a chain store.