When bad solar fountains happen to good people

FountainYou don’t need to share with me the definition of insanity: trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Been there (bought junk), done that (had it fail), still slipping into it.

Specifically, I’m talking about the solar fountain I bought ignorantly and impulsively at Home Depot last October. I paid $225 for this thing, which I was told had been special ordered for another customer who never picked it up. It had no label, no packaging, no instruction manual, and certainly no guarantee.

And worst of all, it had no endorsement from my peers on the Internet. I’ve come to rely on the “truthiness” of strangers in choosing restaurants, hotels, furniture, my car, you name it. I look at reader reviews on Epinions, Travelosity, The Guide, Edmunds, Consumer Reports, and other websites.

So it came to pass that I abandoned all my good sense and bought this fountain. Once I posted about it, a wise reader mentioned that these things don’t usually last too long. But I thought it wouldn’t happen to me. Aren’t I special? Apparently not. The pump died about a month ago, never to move water again. And it can’t be opened up, and it’s got no name on it. Pure junk.

So, I’ve got the panel, which has a built-in battery, and I’m going to see if it can have another life as a laptop charger. But the fountain has been relegated to a bird bath. It’s not bad looking. But $225 is a lot to pay for not much benefit. Here’s to hoping I end the insanity and stop buying garbage.

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  1. Brent

    My condolences.
    It might be worth taking a hole saw to the pedestal or wherever you think the pump is located in order to try to fix it.