When Remodeling Your Condo, Do You Play by the Rules?

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e550238cf78834-800wiIf you live in a condo, you know the truth about this: You often have to jump through hoops to do a remodel. There’s the board to consider, and the neighbors. And the rules.

Frank Nelson wrote an interesting article on remodeling a condo, in today’s Real Estate section.

As he writes: “Any homeowner who has lived through a remodel can attest to the stress of the experience. But for condo owners governed by association rules and regulations, this additional layer of oversight can heighten the strain and lead to conflicts with neighbors and boards.” Read the whole story.

So that got me wondering, when remodeling your own condo, were you successful keeping your neighbors and the board happy? Did you even try?

(Photo: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

1 Comment on When Remodeling Your Condo, Do You Play by the Rules?

  1. Richard White

    Frank was almost all correct in the problems of reconstruction. As a former manager of a high-rise on Miami Beach, I find one of most difficult situations is when an upper unit installs new hard wood or tile flooring that transmits sound to lower units. It is a nightmare for lower unit owners. Boards must be aware of the type flooring an owner is installing and limit the use of any flooring that transmits sound. For similar problems, go to my web page: http://www.talkwithcam.com. I have lived with several situations of owners that remodeled their condominium.