Where the Money Went: DIY Kitchen Remodel and Dining Room Addition


Here are the actual costs for the kitchen remodel and dining room addition done by Lily and Arnie Richards in Downey. The couple did all the work themselves over a five-month period where they worked every weekend, evenings and during their vacation time. If you were to undertake a project like this, and were ready to break ground today, you would be done in time for Thanksgiving, and it would consume most of your waking thoughts.

Would it be worth the work, worry and hassle?

Where the Money Went

Appliances: $2,466
Cabinets: $8,044
Concrete: $539
Drywall: $220
Electrical: $1,601
Flooring: $1,191
Hardware/Misc.: $336
Insulation: $305
Lumber: $2,246
Molding: $560
Paint: $411
Plumbing: $624
Roofing: $390
Stucco: $261
Tile: $1,392
Tool rentals: $221
Tool purchases: $779
Windows/doors: $896
Sales tax: $1,799
Dumpster rental: $1,195
Gas/plumbing service: $1,445
Permit/documents: $721

Total: $27,642

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