Where the Money Went: DIY Luxury Kitchen


Here’s the best-looking DIY kitchen I’ve seen yet. No offense to the other DIY kitchens I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They all had their charms.

But this Los Angeles kitchen is so luscious. So strikingly handsome. The project took Liese and David 18 months, which is an awful long time to wash dishes in the bathtub. But the results are stunning.The kitchen cost $29,115 with the couple performing all the labor, nights and weekends, as well as doing some artful shopping. If you have any questions about how this kitchen was created, I might be able to persuade Liese and David to log on and give some answers.

Here’s a list of where the money went:

Cabinets: $15,000
Cabinet door glass: $300
Cabinet hardware: $360
Windows: $1,000
Electrical supplies: $200
Plumbing supplies: $100
Counter tile: $1,700
Floor tile: $500
Tile cutter rental: $100
Tile-related supplies: $320
Sink: $700
Faucets, sink hardware: $350
Stove: $1,000
Stove hood: $550
Refrigerator: $2,000
Dishwasher: $1,000
Microwave: $100
Wine cooler: $1,000
Tankless water heater: $1,100
Side door: $200
Door hardware, fittings: $175
Butcher block table: $400
Pot rack: $160
Window blinds: $800

Total cost: $29,115

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2 Comments on Where the Money Went: DIY Luxury Kitchen

  1. Amienn

    Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills.

  2. Alexandra

    Congratulations on a gorgeous job well-done! I only wish my British DIY hubby and I had the time — five year olds preclude living without a kitchen for 18 months. LOL! Love the photos and descriptions of where-to-buy. Thanks for the inspiration.