Where the Money Went: Fitzgerald Bathroom


This bathroom remodel is a little different than most because homeowner Cindy Fitzgerald just happened to have a good friend who happened to be an interior designer who happened to have just redone her own upscale bathroom and who happened to have some upscale materials left over, which she offered to Cindy.

We won’t all have that opportunity. I’m not sure I even have an well-to-do friends anymore. But that’s what happened here.

The most important item on the list below is the cost for the countertop material. As you’ll see, when you buy solid-surface countertop (like Corian) for a custom top, you often have to buy a whole slab of it, which is a waste of money and material when you only need a small amount. The same is true for a slab of granite. I’ve met a few homeowners with partial slabs of granite in their garages leftover from small projects. The remedy is to find a partial piece and not buy a whole slab.

Below are the actual costs for the bathroom shown above. Read the story. See more pictures.

Recovered Material Cost

Material Cost

(if purchased Retail)




(min. 80 sq. ft)




Italian ceramic floor tile



($22 sq. ft x 30)

Glass tile (shower /tub)



($24 sq ft x 96)



(including stone fabrication)



Shower door


Recovered Materials Cost:






(Photos: Los Angeles Times)